Reframing resistance

We bring a contemporary view on how to lead for change within your organisation. Focusing on relationship dynamics, conversations, group patterns and ingrained mindsets and beliefs.

Every organisation undergoing change will face resistors: those unwilling to cooperate with the change process. Automatically this is dealt with intolerance, misunderstanding, and aggression. However, this pushback will only push the resistors even further away, which is not what we’re looking to do. Leaders must embrace this resistance and understand that it’s all part of the change initiative. This seed will teach you to reframe resistance; instead of fearing resistors and what they might do to the change program, you will be given the skills to engage with the resistance and bridge this gap of discomfort for your people, pushing and leading toward positive organisational change.


Reframing Resistance will provide you with all you need to know about the nature of resistance to change. Why does resistance even occur? The neuroscience when faced with change and what it triggers in us? We’ll also look at how resistance affects us: why there is a need to re-frame resistance? And how to direct this energy? Holding conversations within this resistance is also a crucial tool that will be provided. Neuropsychology and gestalt psychology are used heavily to dig deep into your context and understand the core issue in place. To have a greater impact at work, holding that resistance space and working towards accepting it are key steps in kickstarting the efforts towards a successful organisational change program.


All the seeds we offer are targeted bite-sized, robust skill development boosters. No longer than 90 minutes to 2 hours, we support our clients to receive the insights they’re looking for in a modular session, specifically focused on their own context and needs. They fit perfectly in a face-to-face or virtual session.


What you’ll gain:

·      Understanding the nature of resistance

·      Why does it occur?

·      Holding that resistance space: how does resistance affect you? What resistors trigger in you?

·      Why reframe resistance?

·      How to reframe resistance?

·      How to approach resistors?

·      Holding conversations within this resistance