Meet the Team

We are a team of change management consultants and coaches who support leaders and teams through their seasons of change to help them achieve their organisational goals.

Meet the rest of the team

Layan Abu Aysha

Layan Abu Aysha is the junior consultant for Seasons Consulting. She completed her MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, where she researched and analysed businesses from a psychological lens to better grasp how to implement successful organisational change and leadership initiatives. Previously, she has attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada for her bachelor’s degree in psychology and behavioural science, where her deep love for understanding human behaviour was unravelled. Layan is passionate about finding solutions to problems and is motivated to give it her all to help businesses achieve their desired business goals.

Arnoud Herremans

I am a neuropsychologist with a PhD in behavioral pharmacology, fascinated by growing the potential of people in their work environment, and so I took on coaching for continuous improvement and lean-agile thinking. My credo is to help people create an environment where they can flourish and live up to their full potential. One of my principles is that, as human beings, a large part of what we do is determined by the context and contingencies at play. You may accuse me of having a slightly behavioristic approach to behavior, I am aware of that. What I see people do is an important starting point. After understanding the contingencies that drive the behavior, we can make changes to the contingencies, create a different situation, and as a result, different behaviors can develop. This enables us to drive the behavioral changes needed to further develop the organization.

Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen

Anne-Marie is an engaging Leadership Coach, creative Facilitator and award-winning Communicator with over 25 years of experience developing individuals, teams and organisations across a variety of industries and sectors.
For decades, Anne-Marie enjoyed a successful corporate career as a senior leader and strategist in healthcare communications, including board-level positions in some of the world’s premier agencies. As a result, she knows first-hand the challenges that come with leading a business in a highly competitive and regulated environment, while also trying to be profitable, empowering to others, and authentic to yourself.

She is also a highly qualified leadership coach with 20 years and thousands of hours of coaching experience, as well as advanced certifications in behavioural psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and organizational change. She is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and accredited member of the International Coaching Federation, adhering to their robust code of ethics.

Felicity Ogilvie

Felicity Ogilvie is the Business Administrator for Seasons Consulting. With over 25 years experience in a number of different sectors, with the majority in Corporate Finance, which include 13 years at Executive level. Felicity is driven by organising and helping others and also thrives on multi-tasking. She is very adaptable, flexible, with strong organisation and communication skills. She supports clients by taking the time-consuming tasks off their hands. She takes care of their day to day business requirements and personal administration, which gives valuable time back to them, allowing her clients to run their business and manage their personal lives. She loves working with different people across many different industries and enjoys being faced with challenges, where she has to think outside of the box.

Madeleine Brady

Strategy, empathy and delivery are the backbone of Madeleine’s working philosophy.

As a Communications and Engagement specialist with over 20 years experience, she has delivered a broad range of change-driven projects. These range from large-scale restructuring projects within complex multi-nationals to designing behavioural change strategies for Public Private Partnerships.

She provides strategic engagement and change communication advice to pharmaceutical, academic, charity and technology clients.

She has coached up to C-Suite level and developed long standing relationships as a thought partner to senior leaders.

She is currently developing her professional practice through an MA in Psychotherapy, integrating the best of academic theory and therapeutic skill with her practice of coaching and delivering change.

Adil Zoubairi

As an engineer, my heart not only beats faster for technology, but also for people and process. In my career I have worked in various roles and layers within different organizations. In recent years I have been involved in operational excellence within companies both in the Netherlands and abroad. My mission is to work with people on their improvement for both processes and behavior/habits in order to realize a sustainable organizational culture. I put people first and coach on leadership, personal development, building trust and collaboration. I also use my coaching methods within (top)sport, I do this within various (pro) soccer organizations.
Most people perform to their limits and not to their potential!
Let's discover the limits, unlock the potential and measure the performance!

Liz Formby, MBE

For the last twenty years, Liz Formby has been at the forefront of change in the organisations she has worked for across the private, charitable, public, and voluntary sectors. All involving significant technological investment and changes in the infrastructure and heartbeat of the organisation. Change needs leaders who can ride uncertainty with confidence and humility, staff who can adapt, grasp opportunities, and embrace the future through different prisms. However, it also showed her that no matter how successful and confident individuals and teams are, they also need space to explore and understand their journey, their opportunities, their challenges, and space just to breathe! It is into this space that she loves working in - developing a deeply held passion for supporting those at the heartbeat of change – no matter the size of the change. Helping change become their opportunity.

Elise van Baaren

Elise van Baaren is associated with Seasons as a Leadership coach. She has over 10 years of experience as an international leader, leading managers and executives in an international environment. Elise obtained her MSc in Organizational Science at the VU University in Amsterdam and is a NOBCO certified coach. She uses hands on organizational transformational and coaching skills to develop the people around her becoming the best version of themselves. Her big passion for people transformation and leadership shines through the way she leads her conversations. Her website:

Rachel Kindt

Rachel began her career immersed in the world of the mind - first, a Biology PhD and postdoctoral fellowship, then taking a job in the heady world of Silicon Valley biotech. Over time, she realized that thinking only gets a person so far, and that accessing the powers of intuition and heart were key to leadership and a thriving career.

Two years ago, Rachel left her successful 20+ year biotech/pharma career to dedicate herself to scientific leadership coaching. Deeply aware of the challenges of leaders with strong technical backgrounds, she uses her own blend of analytical prowess and heartfelt wisdom to guide them to better understanding of themselves and their impact on others. Rachel is also a writer and speaker; you can learn more on Linkedin and at

Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson is a professional singer and vocal coach working in the music industry and educational sector for over 15 years. She supports artists and professionals to develop a deeper understanding of their voice that leads to greater confidence in creating a stronger rapport with their audience and enhanced authentic expression, in their personal and professional lives. She uses tools used in a musical context to strengthen awareness and skills, in conjunction with helping leaders to develop their own/unique voice and supporting teams to combine their collective voice, to create impact in their chosen setting. Using creativity, energy and fun, Julie brings a unique and valuable lens to the Seasons offering which complements the individual Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness and Transformational change space.