How we do it

We run high-engaging workshops and coaching sessions to facilitate conversations amongst leaders and teams to deliver the desired results.

Leadership Development

Our vision is a world where people within organisations perform at their best in the face of volatility, ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.

Transformational Change

The challenges faced today by organisations require leaders to continue to drive towards a future, to adapt and stay at the forefront of their industry.

Team Effectiveness

In our constantly changing world and ever adapting structures, the team is the undisputed cornerstone of organisational success.

Change Capabilities

Our view on change, whether it is big and transformational or towards the acceptance and execution of a new strategy or model, the old mechanistic way of trying to create it are out of date and ineffective.

We target areas of greatest impact...

Experiential live and virtual team workshops

We provide training and development through live, creative workshops in-person and virtual. We bridge theory, models, and the latest behavioural insights together with an expertly facilitated environment to unravel and explore team dynamics, future solutions, and necessary behaviour changes.

Training and specific knowledge building

We use the latest organisational psychological models and contemporary research in all the training we provide. We explore and share up-to-date scientific research and combine it with our years and years of expertise to use it in practice with our clients.

Individual coaching and facilitated action learning groups

We offer individual coaching sessions for self-development to help you reach your greatest potential. Facilitated action groups are also offered to encourage teams to solidify their new learnings and continue to build relationships among team members.

Facet5 personality profiling

We provide personality profiling tests to help you delve into your self-development by deepening your understanding on your strengths, motivations, work preferences, frustrations and risks. 

Clear change plans within complex environments

Our change approach is integrated into our entire system and forms the basis for impactful and sustainable behavioural change, for individuals, teams and corporations. ​

LEAN and Agile methodology

We bring a contemporary view on how to lead for change within your organisation. Focusing on relationship dynamics, conversations, group patterns and ingrained mindsets and beliefs.

Virtual working…works

We facilitate high quality, impactful conversations in the virtual space.

In senior teams, where robust conversations are necessary, there are significant barriers to overcome with virtual working. As the pandemic continues, leaders must ensure the quality of conversations, quality of relationships and quality of delivery does not dip.

We have adapted our approach to bring our clients all that they rely on from us, in the virtual space:

  • Fostering effective relationship dynamics
  • Establishing clarity
  • Encouraging difficult conversations
  • Understanding group patterns
  • Overcoming ingrained behaviours

Our clients have experienced great success online, if you would like to hear more about how we could support you then please get in contact.