Facet5 personality profiling

Personality profiling tests are offered to help you delve into your self-development by deepening your understanding on your strengths, motivations, work preferences, frustrations and risks.

"Measuring personality to realize true potential"

Individual personality profiling

Facet5 provides individuals with an understanding of their personality by measuring how people differ in their behaviour, motivations, attitudes, and preferred ways of working. It increases one’s self-awareness, which is what we believe to be the initial stage for self-development.


When we have a better self-understanding, we are better equipped to develop, work more effectively, and build stronger relationships with colleagues.


Facet5 is founded on contemporary, trait-based personality theory to provide reliable, credible, and robust results.


The Facet5 profile provides a ‘snapshot’ of an individual’s personality, providing scores on the major personality building blocks.


There is no right or wrong profile. Each profile is unique and has its own strengths and risks, providing us with a platform to learn and understand ourselves better.

Team development profile: TeamScape

By combining all individual profiles into one, a team profile helps teams understand how they can reach agreements and resolve disputes.

It helps them understand:

  • Their natural or preferred approach
  • The extent to which the team applies rules and processes
  • How they may respond to the intensity and stress involved in disputes.

TeamScape helps individuals build an understanding of themselves in relation to others. It also helps them understand the preferences of their team members. This understanding fosters better relationships within the team and increased collaboration and communication.

How does all this work?

  • Step 1: Participants complete an online questionnaire, which is available in 33 different languages.
  • Step 2: Profiles can be downloaded immediately in multiple languages to help you understand how similar or different you are from other people.
  • Debrief: An accredited practitioner will organize an hour debrief with you to take you through your profile and make sure you understand it.