Mastering your mindset

We bring a contemporary view on how to lead for change within your organisation. Focusing on relationship dynamics, conversations, group patterns and ingrained mindsets and beliefs.

A growth mindset, a fixed mindset, a leadership mindset are all the business psychology jargon we hear these days. But what does it truly mean? And how do we achieve the mindset we’re looking for? What value does a powerful mindset really do for leadership? These are all questions you probably have in mind. These topics are never mentioned in our day-to-day work meetings, so most people aren’t even aware of the significance of such knowledge. Our mindset drives and influences how we approach every situation we encounter, meaning mastering it is among the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself.


This seed focuses on uncovering your current mindset by figuring out all the unconscious and conscious factors that are shaping how you feel and believe about yourself and your surroundings. Self-awareness is key. It is the first steppingstone towards achieving the leadership style you’re looking for. Having this awareness helps strengthen your leadership behaviours, as your own thoughts and beliefs are what drive your behaviour. This seed focuses highly on self-awareness by digging into your experiences, relationships, successes, and other influencing factors. We then provide you with insights on how to grow your mindset to have a greater impact at work. Understanding your natural tendencies better will help you take ownership of your mindset and actively change and strengthen it to achieve the leadership mindset you’re looking for, and this seed helps you do that.


All the seeds we offer are targeted bite-sized, robust skill development boosters. No longer than 90 minutes to 2 hours, we support our clients to receive the insights they’re looking for in a modular session, specifically focused on their own context and needs. They fit perfectly in a face-to-face or virtual session.


What you’ll gain:

·      What is a mindset? Can we truly change that ourselves?

·      What does your current mindset look like?

·      A deeper self-awareness of the factors that influenced your current mindset

·      The difference between a managerial mindset and a LEADERSHIP mindset

·      Bringing forward a powerful mindset to achieve your desired leadership behaviours