Possibility Mindset

We bring a contemporary view on how to lead for change within your organisation. Focusing on relationship dynamics, conversations, group patterns and ingrained mindsets and beliefs.

Possibility Mindset: a powerful way of being


Why a possibility mindset matters?

No business wants to think backwards, but as human beings, most of us are wired to notice and avoid risk. Our most natural way of thinking, and how we’ve all been trained to think, is to problem-solve and analyze what’s going wrong; we see a gap and want to close it, but hardly ever fully succeed. This way of thinking, like it or not, is looking backwards. We end up getting involved with our assumptions and our limiting beliefs.

Possibility thinking shifts us to think forward. It focuses on being open and creative, innovative, and stepping away from being stuck. It makes us believe what’s possible, ‘What’s out there that I haven’t seen before?’. As a result, we can deal with change, navigate through it, and be more open to it.

Results for clients

The Possibility Mindset pays off. We notice time and time again that when our clients adopt a possibility mindset, they see much more of the entire environment, and that’s a fascinating place. The quality of their solutions jump up; outcomes are better in the moment, but not just in the moment. They tend to encapsulate many more different factors of diverse thinking, and their solution tends to be more relevant than it would have been if they had stayed stuck in a very narrow frame.

Our clients become more open to difference, which feeds inclusivity. If we are presented with differences, our natural tendency is to feel slightly threatened and say, ‘That’s not how I see it.’ Helping our clients be aware of when they think this way is challenging that thought and making them more open to more prosperous alternatives.

We know our clients have made progress when the team becomes ‘unstuck.’ There is much more openness to each other’s viewpoints. It is moving again; new ideas come to the table, new projects are being developed, and feasible action plans are being rolled out. Results are beginning to come in. We see it in the response of CEOs and senior leaders as a sigh of relief. We know a smile reappears on people’s faces, and we see optimism. We hear them say, my team is rocking.

Season’s unique approach

Awareness: we encourage our clients to be fully aware that they are looking backwards, which brings a decisive moment of recognition (some find it harder to admit to this recognition than others). Most of our clients are quick to this awareness. Stepping into this way of being is transformative and will support you in your work and personal life. The challenge for all of us is to hold on to it, to make it a habit, and then first nature. It is like you want to set a daily alarm that says, ‘Remember your possibility mindset at 9 a.m’. We help our clients set that alarm.

Curiosity: we start with curiosity, really tapping into what our clients feel at that moment. What does it feel like as you try to look at different possibilities? What thoughts are going through your head? Because very often, in organizations, people get stuck on behaviours.

We explore the difference between limiting and empowering beliefs, but we don’t push you into that space of awareness. You will get there by yourself as you go with that inquiry.

We teach that possibility mindset is not about thinking it 24/7, but it’s about choosing your moments, and when that’s important, and then having that mindset at the back of your mind and thinking, okay, this is when I need it.

If you want to learn more about bringing this to your leadership team, please let us know, and we will contact you.

PS: We ourselves have gotten even more inspired after reading “The Art of Possibility” by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. A great read!