Navigating Overwhelm

We bring a contemporary view on how to lead for change within your organisation. Focusing on relationship dynamics, conversations, group patterns and ingrained mindsets and beliefs.

Navigating Overwhelm


“Overwhelm in the workplace is not new, but we believe it is damaging us in a new way, which we see at all levels.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, overwhelm has become a silent but potent adversary, affecting individuals and work systems at every level. It’s not merely a temporary inconvenience; it’s a widespread force that is diminishing cognitive abilities, creativity, and empathy. The accelerating pace of information, coupled with societal anxieties, has given rise to a 24-hour news cycle that bombards us with stories of negative change. But why does overwhelm matter, how is it impacting us, and how do we get a better handle on it?


The Impact of Overwhelm: Beyond the Surface

You can describe the problem as people NOT going off sick. Instead, they continue to work, but their decision-making becomes compromised and the toll on their cognitive and processing capabilities is palpable. Overloaded with tasks and information, they lose touch with empathy, intuition, and creativity. The perpetual state of overload prevents a pause, a moment to reflect and regain perspective. It becomes a treadmill that keeps everyone running but takes them nowhere.

This constant state is not sustainable. The toll on individuals, both personally and professionally, becomes evident over time. Beyond the risk of losing valuable staff, the untapped potential that overwhelm keeps locked away remains dormant. The space needed for innovation, creativity, and extraordinary contributions is stifled, leading to missed opportunities.



Change has been a constant in the business world, but the recent emphasis on the constant need for change has created a different mindset. Change, as an action, is necessary for progress. However, the relentless attention to change has senior leaders feeling compelled to make significant organizational shifts almost daily. This constant flux is leaving people in limbo, not knowing how to respond anymore, stifling the conversations in leadership teams, and making them very complex. The result is burnout, disengagement, and decreased performance, ultimately hindering the organization’s growth.

The societal pressure to excel in all aspects of life worsens the issue. The expectation to be perfect in personal and professional spheres infiltrates organizations, contributing to the overwhelming burden placed on individuals.


Results for Clients: Unleashing Potential through holding the ‘What is?’

At Season, we understand that shedding overwhelm allows individuals to explore broader possibilities and deliver with true creativity. When the fog of overwhelm lifts, clients can tap into their real potential, fostering an environment where innovation and excellence thrive.


Seasons’ Unique Approach: The Power of Pausing

Our distinctive response to overwhelm is simple yet profound – we pause and we help our clients pause as well. There needs to be a good enough pause in the clients’ system of doing things. Recognizing that change has evolved into an everyday occurrence, we advocate for a deliberate pause to reflect on the current state. We don’t rush to the happy shiny part; instead, we stay present, allowing space for introspection.

In this pause, we ask the tough questions: Where are you? What is happening? What keeps overwhelm in its place? How does it feel in the moment? What are you not doing about it? By staying in this uncomfortable space of ambiguity, we aim to understand the challenges and offer a compassionate approach to make the necessary changes in the client’s way of thinking and how the system operates. We acknowledge vulnerability and provide a supportive environment for individuals to navigate their complexities.

At Seasons, we bring a unique blend of compassion and challenge to help individuals and organizations navigate overwhelm. By holding the space for reflection and offering support, we believe in fostering a culture where pausing is not just encouraged but embedded, minimizing the detrimental effects of overwhelm, as teams move forward.

We believe deeply that the current level of overwhelm in business and society is unsustainable, as it will cause increasing damage to people and the world. It must be reversed and reduced to healthier levels.