Our Approach

Powerful impact where it matters most

Increasing leadership impact through personal coaching and targeted personal and team development programs (Seasons of Change).

Setting out your intention for change and making it happen. Bringing your strategy to life and delivering through your teams, your conversations and your culture.

Building effective relationships and growth mindsets through empowering conversations. Unsticking unhelpful behaviours that get in the way of team success.

Building sustainable change delivery in your organization through increasing organisational change capabilities and change practitioner development.

We target areas of greatest impact

Leadership, Strategy implementation, Team effectiveness andChange capabilities

Our interventions are evidence-based

  • Fostering effective relationship dynamics
  • Establishing clarity
  • Encouraging difficult conversations
  • Understanding group patterns
  • Overcoming ingrained behaviours

Our approach is experiential

  • We believe in learning through personal experience
  • We enable leaders to draw on their wealth of life experience to authentically connect with their teams
  • We support leaders in accepting and working with the full spectrum of human responses which can arise from change

We tailor the solution to you

  • We never work to a one-size fits all approach
  • Our years of expertise give us the confidence to work with our clients’ unique challenges
  • We work appreciatively with the best of our clients’ culture while challenging them to see new possibilities

We can draw on a range of tried and tested products;

  • Leadership: Addressing functional leadership (Seasons of Change) through personal coaching and targeted development.
  • Team Effectiveness: Effective relationships and mindsets, adult to adult interactions, empowering conversations that matter/deliver. Unsticking unhelpful team behaviours and helping you craft new and effective ones.
  • Change Capabilities: Increasing capabilities, change practitioner development, delivering own chang