Change capabilities

The recognition for effective ways to deal with change has grown significantly over the past decades. The notion of change as a perpetual phenomenon within organizations is growing. It is shown in the language leaders use to express change and in the growth of internal people in dedicated ‘change’ roles, many of whom we are supporting in their personal development.

Our view on change, whether it is big and transformational or towards the acceptance and execution of a new strategy or model, the old mechanistic way of trying to create it are out of date and ineffective. We must let go of the idea that significant change could be planned as a project that brings us from today to the land of our dreams.

The Seasons view is that effective change is the result of a relational as well as conversational process. Essential to successful change is that the nature of conversations, the way we bring things and engrained patterns of behaviour are looked at as an integral part of the program of change. This has implications for the people in organisations who want to make these changes come to life.

And whilst we hold the common belief that all people can be responsible for change in an organization, we also know that there are often leaders, change professionals, project and program leaders who have this responsibility as a clear responsibility and focus.

We offer a dedicated program of work to support leader, change professionals and project/program leaders (anyone with this change responsibility) to master these conversational and relational change processes. We combine the latest research and organizational change theory with real-life business practice experience, helping these people and teams lead for change in an effective and impactful way.

Our offering

We make a difference to leaders as they take the bold, brave steps needed in today’s business.