About Us

We are a network of senior associates, partnering with clients to shape a clear intention for delivering change. Creating and building the new ecosystem they want and leaving them with lasting and meaningful results.

Using the latest behavioural change practices, we guide our clients to deliver results by harnessing their own power, challenging them to be brave, bold and vulnerable.  Our methodology is inclusive, generative and organic.

We equip our clients with everything they need to move through the seasons of organisational change with growing confidence, pride and success.

Seasons Vision and Purpose

Our vision is a world where people within organisations perform at their best in the face of volatility, ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.  Where people can lean into the inevitable change that the world continues to throw at us. That requires leaders of the highest caliber and an established mindset of growth, openness, compassion and resilience.

Our purpose is to partner with leaders to help them create meaningful change and to build organisations that flourish within an atmosphere of continual growth, confidence and pride.

Our Philosophy of Change

We believe change in business is like change in the seasons: natural, inevitable, fluid and a result of many complex interactions.

For so long, change in organizations has been treated as linear and mechanistic. These practices are now out of date and unhelpful and do not reflect the way organizations, societies and people evolve and grow.

Like the seasons, change brings opportunities. Opportunities might present themselves as a shift in strategy, leadership transition, a different structure or operating model, or any significant change in the way you do business. These changes are systemic and influence the entire ecosystem of your company. Whatever the change might be, the one thing you can rely on is that more change will follow, just as summer follows spring.

As each season brings rain or shine, you may recognise familiar patterns in your people’s reaction to change, including resistance, uncertainty or discomfort, alongside more positive expressions of growth, openness, creativity, innovation and resilience. These responses are entirely normal and will ebb and flow, as we are working with people, not machines.

What our clients say